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Trinity Episcopal Church is in search of candidates to fill the post of Pianist/Organist. This position plays a vital role in the music ministry of Trinity Church, and works with and for Director of Music & Liturgy. This position’s primary function is to provide keyboard music for worship services, rehearsals, and performances.

Breakdown of Tasks
25% Leading music for Traditional Episcopal Worship:

  • Pipe Organ, Piano, Harpsicord (preferred)
  • Hymn playing

25% Leading music for Progressive Worship:

  • Improvising piano
  • Leading worship on piano
  • Jazz, Gospel, World Music, etc.

50% Accompanying the choirs during rehearsal:

  • Playing piano in choral setting
  • Collaborative piano with other musicians
  • Playing multiple voice parts simultaneously
  • Following a conductor

Starting Salary: $15,000/year
Paid Vacation: Three Sundays

Director of Music & Liturgy Rector

Minimum Education/Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Music or Equivalent Experience
2-5 years of experience with sacred music

Prepare for optimum performance on the pipe organ and piano
o Practice all music prior to rehearsal and worship
o Lead the congregation in hymns, songs, and responses
o Accompany the choirs during rehearsals and performances under the direction of the Director of Music & Liturgy
 Coordinate with the Director of Music and Liturgy in the planning and preparing of music appropriate for each worship service and rehearsal
 Provide additional music for other services as requested
o Summer worship services
o Combined worship services
o High Holy Days including:
 Christmas Eve
 Holy Week (as needed)
 Easter Sunday
o Funerals, Weddings, other ceremonies, etc.
 Provide an appropriate substitute in the event of your absence
 Accompany all weekly rehearsals for choirs
 Arrive to rehearsals no later than 20 minutes prior to the start
 Arrive to services no later than 30 minutes prior to the start
 Invest approximately 15 hours per week to practicing, rehearsals, meetings, and services
Weddings and Funerals are not included in your salary. Compensation is negotiated through a case-by-case basis. Services for Holy Week are required as a part of the package.
8:15am Traditional Worship
 Maintains an Episcopal/Anglican-style form of worship
 Liturgy from Rite II Book of Common Prayer
 1982 Hymnal (as well as other supplemental books)
 Bel Canto Choir sings offertory (except during the summer)
 Choir sits among the congregation
10:45am Progressive Worship
 Liturgy from Rite II Book of Common Prayer (as well as other resources)
 Music selections:
o Episcopal Musical Hymnals
o World Music Resources
o Jazz Arrangements
o Gospel / Spirituals
 Canterbury Choir sings offertory (except during the summer)
 Choir sits among the congregation

Applicants should submit a resume and letter of intent to Daniel Catalano, Director of Music & Liturgy at music@trinitytoledo.org. Paper copies are also accepted and can be mailed to the church office.