Sexton – Church of Our Saviour, Akron

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Sexton – Church of Our Saviour, Akron
The Sexton will assist the Priest-in-Charge/Rector in helping glorify God through maintaining the cleanliness, appearance and security of Church Of Our Saviour’s facilities in Akron, Ohio, and the surrounding grounds to the highest possible standards.

This is a full-time position
Duties and Responsibilities

To achieve this objective the Sexton is expected to:

  • clean the entrances, bathrooms, narthex, nave, sanctuary, chapel, sacristy, hallways, parish hall ,gymnasium, and both kitchens in preparation for all worship services and parish events, weddings and funerals.
  • clean smudges off walls on regular basis.
  • clean, sweep, dust all other rooms, classrooms, offices (3 – 4 times/week) (including Priest-in-Charge/Rector’s bathroom), the kitchens and parish hall weekly.
  • clean indoor windows regularly (year round) including removing cobwebs and clean outer windows as needed during the summer months.
  • regularly clean, sweep and mop floors and carpets throughout the parish including stripping and waxing of floors (at least 3 times per year coordinating with seasonal activities, e.g. beginning of school year, Christmas and Easter).
  • clean and sweep underneath pews, around the altar and in the chancel (choir) area.
  • maintain light bulbs, changing when necessary and coordinating with Buildings and Grounds Chair when needed.
  • regularly collect recycling and garbage (and put out for once-weekly pick-up (Monday Thursday evenings).
  • maintain all bathrooms so that they are in clean and sanitary condition.
  • maintain grounds through policing of trash so that the parish presents an inviting, good neighbor face to the community.
  • shovel sidewalks and salt sidewalks following snows.
  • set up and put away tables and chairs for special parish meetings, educational opportunities, fellowship gatherings and coffee hour. Work with parish office to coordinate chair/table arrangements.
  • clean common areas after all parish hall usages (additional remuneration per hall usage).
  • perform minor repairs of all facilities and equipment as needed and able. Contact, through Parish Administrative Assistant and Buildings and Grounds Chair, appropriate professional repair people for more extensive jobs.
  • report all abnormalities and deficiencies in the facilities and their use so that the responsible parish representatives may take timely preventative or remedial action.
  • select and order, through Parish Administrative Assistant, all necessary cleaning supplies, toilet supplies, and light bulbs within the budget approved by the Vestry.
  • assist with the set-up and clean-up for seasonal parish events (e.g. Advent and Lenten program, the monthly dinner on us).
  • complete weekly time sheet and turn-in to Priest-in-Charge/Rector or his/her designate.
  • perform any necessary set-up, clean-up and other duties as assigned when requested by the Priest-in-Charge/Rector.

Skills Required:

1. promptness
2. reliability
3. neatness
4. good communication skills
5. flexibility
6. patience
7. ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

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