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New at the Resource Center!

Graceful Nurture, Using Godly Play with Adults - Graceful Nurture, written by Rebecca McClain, a long-time "Godly Player" and member of the Godly Play Foundation Board, presents the case for the use of Godly Play with adults. Rebecca lays out four creative "courses" for adults: The Heavenly Banquet -- for preparing adults for baptism, confirmation, and reaffirmation of vows (12 weeks); Dessert Only -- for preparing families who are beginning Godly Play; Slow Cooking -- a Godly Play retreat weekend; and Coffee and Cream -- using Godly Play on Sunday Mornings (12 weeks). Requiring the use of lessons from the Complete Guide to Godly Play (which are NOT included in the book), Graceful Nurture offers background on Godly Play, including why and how to use it with adults, and in depth notes and suggestions for 12 key Godly Play lessons, including how to adapt them for an adult audience. The four "courses" all build on these 12 lessons.

30 Days Toward Healing Your Grief -
• Practical, gentle, compassionate, wise, tested, program
• Christ-centered support for healing from loss
• Ideal for individual or group use, includes a study guide

Posted June 14, 2017


Click Here for Instructed Eucharist Video - presented by Fr. Petty from St. Peter's Anglican Church in Tallahassee FL.  this video is a comprehensive look at the Eucharist beginning with a history of the Eucharist, followed by an in depth discussion/look at the parts of the Eucharist with historical references that show how similar our liturgy today is to that practiced in 551 AD.

The first 37 minutes of the video are a history of the Eucharist.  The actual Instructed Eucharist begins at about 37:40.  Fr. Petty provides instruction on the 2 parts of the Eucharist. Part 1 includes the Salutation,Collect for Purity,Act of Praise, Collect of the Day, Readings, Sermon, Creed, Prayers of the People, Confession of Sin and the Exchange of the Peace.  Part 2, the Liturgy of the Table includes the Eucharistic Prayer (Sursum Corda, Sanctus, Anaphora, Acclamation, Epiclesis, Final Doxology), Lord's Prayer, Fraction, Communion, Post Communion Prayer and Dismissal.

Everyone can learn something from this video!

The Resource Center has a copy of the referenced notes for following along from Fr. Petty, as the link provided is no longer valid. Email the Resource Center if you are interested.  resourcelibrary@dohio.org


The Discovery Series - From the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

This is an adaptable Episcopal Curriculum that can be used for Newcomers, Confirmation or Continuing Christian Formation classes. Each session begins with an overview and opening prayer, gives questions to think about, includes a video segment to watch and has several questions for small group discussion and then concludes with a wrap up and prayer.

See the review from CMT/VTS at http://www.keyhallonline.org/reviews/curriculum-review-discovery-series-christian-journey/

and then access the curriculum and guides here at

(Don't use the link in the review)


NEW Small Group DVD based studies available at the Resource Center - January 2017

Bible Study Trilogy on the life of Jesus by Adam Hamilton

1.24 Hours That Changed the World

“No single event in human history has received more attention than the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. In this Lenten journey, Adam Hamilton guides us through the last twenty-four hours of Jesus' life. Each chapter is designed to help the reader experience and understand the significance of Jesus' suffering and death in a way you have never done before. Whether readers are long-time Christians or simply curious about the story of Christ's crucifixion, they are invited to join the author in retracing the last 24 hours of Jesus' life.

DVD containing session video filmed in the Holy Land with a Leader’s Guide. 7 Sessions.

Good Lenten (or anytime) study”

2.The Journey

“Take your group on a journey with Adam Hamilton as he travels on video from Nazareth to Bethlehem in this fascinating look at the birth of Jesus Christ.

This five-session DVD was filmed in on location in the Holy Land and is an essential companion resource to The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem church program. Each exciting and informative session contains 10-15 minute video vignettes of pastor and best-selling author Adam Hamilton retracing the actual path of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. Also includes a bonus segment on the Holy Land today.

A Leader Guide is available separately, containing everything needed to guide your group with session plans, discussion questions, and multiple format options.  Youth Study Guide is also available, as well as a devotion guide and Book of the same title

Sessions include: 
1. Mary of Nazareth 
2. Joseph of Bethlehem 
3. Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth 
4. From Nazareth to Bethlehem 
5. The Manger 

Bonus: The Holy Land Today 
Preview: The Journey 
Preview: Excerpts from The Journey”

3.The Way

“Using historical information, archaeological data, and stories of the faith, Hamilton follows in the footsteps of Jesus from his baptism to the temptations to the heart of his ministry, including the people he loved, the parables he taught, the enemies he made, and the healing he brought.

Designed to use as part of a 40-day church-wide emphasis during Lent and Easter or any time of the year, The Way DVD is perfect for adult and youth classes. The video segments for each session range from 9-12 minutes in length. “   DVD, Leader Guide, Youth Study Guide, Book of same title, and devotional guide.


Unusual Healings, Studies from the Book of John

“In the Gospel According to John, Jesus never says, “Your faith has made you well.” He heals no fewer than five people over the course of the Gospel. How can this be? And how do the healings speak to the lives of contemporary Christians? During the sessions of this module, Unusual Healings, we will learn that responding to Jesus’ call in our lives and discovering a personal identity based on his divine identity naturally lead to healing, new life, and mission.

Session 1 - Get Up and Walk. Noticing When Healing Happens to You.
Session 2 - Go and Wash. Noticing an Identity You've Always Had.
Session 3 - Come Out of the Tomb. Noticing the Gifts God Gives You.
Session 4 - Feed My Sheep. Noticing When Christ Heals You for Mission.

Each session begins with an opening prayer, followed by the text of the day being read aloud. The group will enjoy a 5-7-minute video where Adam shares his thought on the Scripture and its "unusual" focus. The group will discuss the readings for the day then close with prayer.” 


DVD, Leader Guide and Personal Reflection Guide.


Unusual Names, Studies from the Book of John

“I AM” is as close as language can get to universality and eternity. One of the markers of this revelation is a second kind of “I am” statement. This second kind takes a piece of the great “I AM” and fills in the blank that our sense of curiosity wills to be there. When Jesus says, “I am the bread/light/shepherd/vine/___,” he is comparing himself to those things. In these “I am ________” statements, Jesus discloses a piece of his divine identity, enough for us to hear, swallow, and digest over the course of a lifetime.

Session 1 - I Am the Bread of Life. Nourished to Be Nourishment.
Session 2 - I Am the Light of the World. Turning to the Light.
Session 3 - I Am the Good Shepherd. Cast Out of Complacency.
Session 4 - I Am the Vine. Connecting the Branches.

Each session begins with an opening prayer, followed by the text of the day being read aloud. The group will enjoy a 5-7-minute video where Adam shares his thought on the Scripture and its "unusual" focus. The group will discuss the readings for the day then close with prayer.”

DVD, Leader Guide and Personal Reflection Guide.


The Parables of Jesus, Six In-depth Studies Connecting the Bible to Life

Jesus communicated deep spiritual truths through simple, vivid, and engaging stories. Woven from the stuff of everyday life, the parables of Jesus made the kingdom of God understandable and accessible to his listeners. In six engaging, interactive small group sessions, this Deep Connection DVD gives you will gain new insights into his parables and their meanings that will help you to appreciate more fully their relevance for your own life. With maps and pictures, outlines, key Scripture verses, discussion questions, plenty of room for note taking, and a personal five-day Bible study for each session, this participant’s guide will help you get the most out of The Parable of Jesus, both in your group and in applying what you learn to your life.

DVD and Participant’s Guide


Hazardous Saints

"This exciting new six-session DVD study invites small groups and individuals to explore the lives of six Christian “saints” who risked all for the sake of the gospel. Like Jesus, each of the featured leaders were change agents in their times: the Subversive Bridge-Builder, Barnabas; the Lovable Rebel, Francis of Assisi; the Tightrope Walker, Thomas Cranmer; the Persevering Prophet, Sojourner Truth; the Idealistic Realist, Dorothy Day; and the People’s Voice, Oscar Romero. Each session concludes with three possible endings, one for adult study groups, one for individuals, and one for vestries and other gatherings of church leaders. Illustrative slides promote conversation starters and interaction. It also includes a bonus resource: A Simple Prayer Liturgy for Use by a Small Group.”


DVD and Study Guide


***Summary descriptions and reviews from Amazon.com


Now Available.....

Leadership...Presented by The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth Jr., Bishop of Ohio

2 part DVD discussing the Polity of the Episcopal Church (28 minutes) and Spiritual Disciplines of Giving and Invitation (18 minutes)

Share this DVD with your vestry to gain a broader understanding of who we are as Episcopalians and to understand that giving needs to be a spiritual discipline rather than a duty or responsibility to help pay the bills at church.   If we want to grow the church, our leaders and our congregations need to have the spiritual discipline of invitation. 

Back to School time!

If you are commissioning teachers or doing back pack blessings at your parish you might consider these bookmarks.  They are free pdfs for non-commercial use from growchristians.org.

For Teachers: http://www.growchristians.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Teacher-Prayer-Bookmark-corrected.pdf

For Students: http://www.growchristians.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/student-prayer-bookmark.pdf

posted 8/10/2016


Image result for stand your ground black bodies and the justice of god

"If Trayvon was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk?" --President Barack Obama

The 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager in Florida, and the subsequent acquittal of his killer, brought public attention to controversial "Stand Your Ground" laws. The verdict, as much as the killing, sent shock waves through the African-American community, recalling a history of similar deaths, and the long struggle for justice. On the Sunday morning following the verdict, black preachers around the country addressed the question, "Where is the justice of God? What are we to hope for?" This book is an attempt to take seriously social and theological questions raised by this and similar stories, and to answer black church people's questions of justice and faith in response to the call of God.



The Diocese of Ohio is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment where the work of the church can be fully carried out. We provide training for the prevention of sexual misconduct called Safeguarding God’s People, a training program for preventing sexual exploitation and harassment. This training is for clergy, staff, church leaders and vestries and can be taken face-to-face or online.

Safeguarding training is grounded in our call to seek and serve Christ in all persons and respect the dignity of every human being. These trainings provide an opportunity to increase and enhance our ability to live out our Baptismal Covenant within our communities of faith and in the world beyond.

For information on how to schedule a face to face training or for how to enroll online, email resourcelibrary@dohio.org


SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES FOR HYMNS IN LEVAS II--Click for this liturgical resource.

posted 8/26/15


New into the Resource Center!

A Bead and a Prayer, A Beginner's Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads, by Kristen E. Vincent- this book is  a good resource for making and using prayer beads.  The Resource Center downloads will have many more resources on Anglican Prayer Beads, so be sure to check that out.

Praying in Color (DVD) Kids Edition, the Teaching DVD, from Cybil MacBeth--Teach children how to pray in color...a 20 minute video

Praying in Color (DVD), The Workshop DVD, from Cybil MacBeth-- all you need to run your own praying in color workshop!

Praying in Black and White (DVD) Instructional Video, designed for group use--all you need to run a praying in black & white workshop

Exploring Blue Like Jazz, A DVD based study, based on the New York Times bestseller and Major Motion Picture.--"growing up is harder than it used to be"...this resource is ideal for high school and emerging adults, dealing frankly with issues such as sex, drugs, and faith.

Final Words from the cross(DVD), with leader guide.--A Lenten journey through the last day of Jesus' life--seven video teaching sessions

24 Hours that Changed the World (DVD), a Video Journey--visit the sites where the events of the last 24 hours of Jesus' life took place




A new donation of more than 130 books and curriculum on Church Vitality and Growth, Adult Faith Development, and more has just been integrated into the Resource Center collection. For a list see here: 130 New Additions.


Looking for Lenten formation resources?  Click on Helpful Links and Downloads on the right side of this page under About Us and Diocesan Resource Center.  Click on Lent, and see what we have for downloads.  Also check out our holdings link to search for books, DVD's, and curriculum holdings available to borrow.
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Adult Formation Resources Available

Committed to Christ, Six Steps to a Generous Life, by Bob Crossman (Abingdon Press)

Six  week Stewardship Program Kit with Program Guide, Adult Readings and Study Book, Small Group Leader Guide, Devotional Book, Preview Book, CD with Tweets, Posts and Prayers, and A DVDE with Worship Loops and Lead-ins. Everything you need in a program that presents giving as a lifelong journey in Christian discipleship.

CATCH, A Churchwide Program for Invitational Evangelism, by Debi Nixon with Adam Hamilton (Abingdon Press)

Small group DVD with Leader Guide presenting a program for invitational evangelism which shows you how to attract visitors, connect them with your faith community and help them learn to know, love and serve God.  For a 4 week small group study.

The Christ-Centered Woman, Finding Balance in a World of Extremes, A Women’s Bible Study Based on Ephesians 3 by Kimberly Dunnam Reisman ( Abingdon Press)

A six week bible study that helps women find balance at every age and stage of life, in a world  with competing demands and responsibilities, related to all aspects of life. Kimberly Dunnam Reisman leads us to the biblical answer to stress and imbalance, which is living a Spirit-filled, Christ-centered life, using Ephesians 3 as a foundation.

The Next Christians, How to Live the Gospel and Restore the World, by Gabe Lyons (Zondervan)

Six session small group study for those wanting to explore how to follow Jesus in a post-Christian culture. DVD and Participant Guide.

Beginnings, A Study of the Call of God in Genesis by M. Thomas Norwood Jr. (Kerygma)

14 Sessions-“Based on Walter Brueggemann's commentary Genesis, Beginnings takes a fresh look at some familiar Bible stories. The discussions on creation and creationism, the rebellion of humankind and the Flood bring new perspectives on today's issues. The experiences of Abraham, Esau, Jacob and Joseph speak to Christians seeking to live responsibly in our world.”

Lord, Teach Us to Pray, Six Studies on Spirituality and the Lord’s Prayer, by John C. Purdy (Kerygma)

“The Lord's Prayer is among the greatest treasures of faith.  This study explores the key phrases of the Lord's Prayer as they lead us to greater spirituality and growth.