Episcopal Peace Fellowship

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship is a national membership organization connecting all who seek a deliberate response to injustice and violence and want to pray, study and take action for justice and peace in our communities, our church, and the world.

All members are encouraged to take the nonviolence commitment pledge.

In loyalty to the person, teaching, and Lordship of Jesus Christ, my conscience commits me to His way of redemptive love: to pray, study, and work for peace, and to renounce, as far as possible, participation in war, militarism, and all other forms of violence.

In fellowship with others, I will work to discover and create alternatives to violence and to build a culture of peace. I urge the Episcopal Church in accordance with our baptismal vows "to renounce the evil powers of this world which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God", and to wage peace across all boundaries, calling upon people everywhere to repent, to forgive, and to love.

US Troops Casualty List: Prayers of the People

Please include these names in your Prayers of the People.

List of Troops who have died in Afghanistan (from icasualties.org/OEF/):

No casualties reported.

(Updated November 12, 2014)