General Convention Alternate Deputy

Position Description

Clergy and lay members elected to this position serve as alternates should any of the deputies be unable to serve at the 2018 General Convention, or any Special General Convention between their election and the election of their successors.  At Convention, the deputies consider amendments to the church’s constitution and canons, resolutions on ecclesiastical matters and social issues, adopt a budget for the ministry of the Episcopal Church, and elect people to various national offices.


The 2018 General Convention is scheduled for July 5-13, 2018 in Austin, Texas.  Alternate Deputies will need to be available to attend during those dates should a Deputy not be able to serve.  Alternate Deputies are also invited to attend deputation meetings held in preparation for General Convention.

Gifts, Experiences and Skills:

  • Analytical thinker.
  • Experience and perspective of the Church beyond the parish.

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Candidates for General Convention Alternate Deputy

Elect four lay and four clergy deputies for three-year terms: