Trinity Cathedral Celebrates the Year of Clean Water

Gallery exhibits & forums at the Cathedral celebrate the Year of Clean Water.

As Cleveland celebrates the Year of Clean Water, Trinity Cathedral offers several events that touch on the subject. All are welcome to attend.

Gallery Exhibit - Divining the Waters: Intimations of the Sacred
Runs April 11 - May 10
Public reception: April 22  5-8 p.m.
A multi-faith exhibit of works made in response to stories of water found in scriptures, holy texts and stories of the sacred as transmitted via oral traditions.

On Being a Water Body: Shared Destinies and Artful Means
April 12 at 10:10 a.m.
Dean’s Forum with Kathy Skerritt of Bright Waters Rising

The human heart is 73% water, babies about 78%. Our blood is about 92% comprised of this increasingly globally degraded element. What does it mean to be a water-body living on a water planet? What is artful inquiry and how might it reshape how we think about water in our community? Join us for an intriguing conversation about how exploration of our deepest sense of relationship with water may reframe how we use and steward this essential element.

The Great Lakes Commons in a Global Context
April 26 at 10:10 a.m.
Deans Forum with Dr. Leo Burke, University of Notre Dame
Leo Burke joins Dean Lind for a conversation about the emerging global commons movement and how reframing the waters of the Great Lakes Basin as a commons may offer the best hope for effectively stewarding them. Leo Burke directs the Global Commons Initiative at the Mendoza College of Business, the University of Notre Dame.

Gallery Exhibit - From the Deep to the Sky: Water in Word, Image and Form
May 17-July 5
A progressively curated exhibition of art, poetry, maps, artifacts, letters and other artful responses to the 2015 Cuyahoga River Water Walk.

Water Walkers: Healing our Waters
June 21 at 9 a.m.
Sharon Day, an Ojebwe Elder, will lead the Cuyahoga River Water Walk this June. On Sunday, June 21 she joins Dean Lind at her forum to discuss the walk and how we can all reconnect with the river and help it to remain a vibrant source of life for the community.