North Central

North Central Mission Area Council

Council Chair: Michael Palazzolo (St. Andrew's, Elyria)
Vice-Chair: The Rev. Jan Smith Wood (Grace, Sandusky)
Dean: The Rev. June Hardy Dorsey (St. Andrew's, Elyria)
Representative to Diocesan Council: Mr. Tom Wells (Christ Church, Huron)
ECW President: Rebecca Montague (Grace, Sandusky)
Secretary: Jeffrey Fowler (All Saint's, Parma)

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Minutes of the North Central Mission Area

May 22, 2010 - 10 a.m. Christ Church, Huron

Fred Fogle, Christ Church, Huron
Margaret D’Anieri, St. Paul, Norwalk
Gail Dickerson, St. Paul, Norwalk
Megan Thompson, Grace Church, Sandusky
William Quayle, St. Thomas, Port Clinton
Brian K. Wilbert, Christ Church, Oberlin
Jeffrey Prokop, Church of the Redeemer, Lorain
Dawn Prokop, Church of the Redeemer, Lorain
Cindy Bolte,  St. Thomas, Port Clinton
Lisa O’Rear-Lassen, St. Paul, Norwalk
Barbara Steinmetz, Christ Church, Huron
LeRose Meadow, St. Paul Bellevue
Wanda Ray, Christ Church, Huron

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.Wanda Ray announced that Gene Smercina is in the ICU of Firelands Hospital in Sandusky. Our prayers are with Gene and his family.  Wanda and Margaret hope to be able to see Gene this afternoon and will work out a visitation.

A time of worship began with Brian Wilbert offering a medley of hymn tunes on the violin followed by silent reflection.  Wanda Ray then used a resource from the Iona community and extemporaneous prayer.  Our dean, Margaret D’Anieri was invited to conclude this opening time of prayer.

Wanda apologized for the mix up in meeting dates. One of our goals today is to plan the next two meetings for this group which we affectionately call “NCMAC”

Checking in: Each parish representative was invited to share what is going on in each parish represented.

Church of the Redeemer, Lorain:  Dawn and Jeff Prokop reported the following:

Just finished their first week with the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN). 14 people (men, women, children) were housed, fed and nurtured. 8 more parish members have volunteered to go through the training for IHN. Mary Carson is the interim priest.  The first congregational meeting is scheduled in June. As Redeemer looks to the future. We are asked to keep this parish family in our prayers during this time of transition. Bishop Mark Hollingsworth visited Redeemer on Ascension Day for a meeting of the Lorain County Episcopal Men’s Group.  The Eucharist was celebrated and the Bishop led a discussion on the importance of men being active members of the church community and the importance of supporting one another through prayer and companionship.

St. Paul’s, Norwalk: Lisa O’Rear-Lassen is attending our meeting for the first time.  She is a student at Bexley Hall and an intern at St. Paul’s. Margaret shared that “We’re baptizing 2 at the Pentecost liturgy on Sunday.”  The first Saturday of the St. Paul open air market is July 10th from 9 a.m. until Noon. Gail shared that St. Paul’s is working with 6 other churches in Norwalk to build a habitat for humanity house.

St. Paul’s, Bellevue: Rose reported, “We are a small parish with big ideas!”  They have started a monthly breakfast for all in need.  We are in our second year of NCD. The NCD parish health team has a long laundry list of things to do!  Gene Smercina has been serving as their “permanent” supply priest.

Christ Church, Huron: Barbara shared that our host parish has a variety of ministries including an active puppet ministry and kairos prison ministry. As summer is nigh, everyone is invited to use the prayer path which is an ecumenical endeavor owned and maintained by all the parishes in Huron.  The prayer path is located on the property at Zion Lutheran Church.  Fred spoke about Kairos.  “We need three things: Prayer Warriors, volunteers  and cookie makers” We also need “Green Agape” (as in financial support).

St. Thomas Church, Port Clinton: Cindy reported that their parish has finished last community meal for the season this past Thursday evening. The parish hall is not air-conditioned and the meals will resume in the fall.  We’re in the middle of a capital campaign to air condition the church.  There has been some good publicity in Port Clinton around our new part time pastor, Michael Wiechers, who is a Lutheran minister.  Because of this good publicity there have been a few new folks who have showed up on Sundays to see what this new relationship looks and feels like. Community Good Friday service was hosted by St. Thomas and over 100 people attended including the press.

Grace Church Sandusky: Megan gave a pitch for “Nothing but Nets” which is a ministry around malaria. She is hoping to get a response from her parish family at Grace Church.  Megan is a college student at Cleveland State University and when she is in school she participates in AGAPE at Trinity Cathedral.

Christ Church, Oberlin: Brian reported that Patty Peacock is attending the Diocesan Leadership round table as our official NCMAC liaison to Diocesan Council.  Warren Wickes is visiting relatives in California. Christ Church is gearing down from the academic year.  We’ll be bidding our graduating seniors farewell next week.  We’re in the second year of the NCD process and are looking forward to a visit by Brad Purdom who will assist us in finding a new NCD coach.  We’re also going to use the first of the Unbinding the Gospel series this summer.  Our Hot Meals ministry carries on and we just had a successful fund raising effort in the form a concert.

St. Andrew’s Elyria:  Brian mentioned that there is a funeral at St. Andrew’s this morning for long time member, Nancy Wilson.  Katie Wright is officiating and then going to the Diocesan Leadership round table.

Meeting Times: After discussion we decided on the following two meeting dates for the remainder of 2010.  Each meeting will be on a Saturday morning from 10 a.m. until noon.

August 7th Sandusky?  Megan will check with the schedule and get in touch with us.

November 6th, St. Paul’s Norwalk.  This is our pre-convention caucus as the convention will take place the next weekend, November 12th and 13th in Toledo, Ohio.

Mission for the year: We talked about what it is we’re being called to do.  We are required by canon to meet four times a year.  There is no interest to meet just for the sake of meeting but the consensus is that what we have done so far today–sharing what is going on in our parishes–is valuable.  As a result, conversations were had around interim ministry, the Natural Church Development process and Unbinding the Gospel series among other things.

Can we come up with a couple of projects?

1) October 10th Acolyte Festival in Washington, D.C.  Wanda Ray is committed to this.  Our recollection is that the folks from St. Andrew, Elyria are also interested.  This will be bigger than just NCMAC.  Wanda will check with others in the diocese to see if there is additional interest and then a small task committee will need to be formed and working on this project this summer.

2) Reaching out to Community Colleges: Community College ministry: Lisa, Margaret, Brian and Daniel Orr, Megan, are willing to meet to and give a report at the August meeting.

It was also noted that we should make use of the website and advertise what we’re doing so that if someone would like to come and help build a habitat for humanity house or help out with the interfaith hospitality network that could be easily facilitated.  No reason for us to recreate the wheel but the key word in our organizational structure is that we are the North Central Area MISSION, District which is an important part of our identity as a group.

News from the Dean: Margaret reported that the deans meet just about once a quarter for information sharing.  Some upcoming events that she highlighted include:

The Bishop’s bike ride will be June 27th through July 2nd. We’ll begin right here in NCMAC withPut in Bay is hosting the first night, St. Paul’s Norwalk is hosting the second night and St. Andrew’s Elyria is hosting the third night.  Margaret is participating as is Brian and several others.

The 2010 Nominating Committee for offices/ministries to be filled at the next diocesan convention has been formed and there is information on the new diocesan website (same address new look) concerning what is needed for each position.

The NCMAC Clericus meets on Tuesday May 25th at Norwalk at 1:30 p.m.

There will be a Celebration of New Ministry at Fremont on Pentecost Sunday. 3 p.m. Service followed by a Community Meal at 5 p.m.

Website: We believe the website is up and running but noone could put their hands on an address...stay tuned.

Previous Meeting Minutes:

Jeff Prokop moved and Cindy Bolte seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. All present voted aye.

Announcements: Episcopal Community Service - pre-application due June 30th

Yard Signs are available at the Diocese offices in Cleveland

The youth of St. Andrews, Christ Church and Redeemer are joining several other youth groups to do a mission trip in the middle of August to Pennsylvania. Jimmy and Katie Wright might be good contacts for information about this opportunity.

Closing prayer: Margaret D’Anieri gave a closing prayer and blessing at 11:37 a.m.

Respectfully submitted

Brian K. Wilbert

Clerk, pro tempore