Ordination Process

Ministry Discernment Day

The Ministry Discernment Day is Saturday, October 15 from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm at St. Andrew's Church, 765 Thayer Street, Akron, OH 44310.

The Guide for Applicants for the Priesthood in the Diocese of Ohio

Application to the Priesthood

The Guide for Applicants for the Diaconate in the Diocese of Ohio

Application to the Diaconate

A Guide for Applicants for the Priesthood

The whole Church is responsible for raising up ordained leaders of the highest quality with the particular gifts necessary for leading faith communities in the 21st century. Therefore, both the individual and community are simultaneously participating in a process of mutual discernment and affirmation. To that end, the bishop and other representatives of the Church strive to exercise prayerful spiritual discernment and pastoral sensitivity with those who believe they might be called to ordained ministry. All diocesan committees and psychological interviewers are advisory. The final decision about ordination rests with the bishop.

Any person considering applying for ordination and any clergyperson participating in an applicant’s discernment should be aware of the following national canon.

No person shall be denied access to the discernment process for any ministry, lay or ordained, in this Church because of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities or age, except as otherwise provided by these Canons. No right to licensing, ordination, or election is hereby established.

Title III, Canon 1, Section 2.

The bishops, Standing Committee and Commission on Ministry of the Diocese of Ohio adopted the following policy in September 1996. The Joint Policy on Candidates for Ordination states:

All adult communicants in good standing in the Diocese of Ohio may enter the process of discernment for a vocation in the ordained ministry and, upon successful completion of that process, are eligible for ordination.

For those seeking additional information please review The Guide for Applicants for the Priesthood in the Diocese of Ohio

The Ministry of a Deacon

Do you have eyes for the world, and a heart to empower the baptized?

As baptized Christians, we are all given the power to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ in service to others. The deacon is an icon of Christ's bold love of the disenfranchised and his prophetic call for justice. Deacons challenge the Church with the needs of the world and call all the baptized as the primary agents of service. The ministry of the deacon is one of teaching, inviting, challenging, and encouraging the faithful to fulfill their baptismal promises.

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The Guide for Applicants for the Diaconate in the Diocese of Ohio