The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr. Bishop of Ohio Email 216-774-0457 View Bio

The Rt. Rev. William D. Persell Bishop of Chicago, Retired 216-774-0457 View Bio

The Rt. Rev. Arthur B. Williams, Jr. Bishop Suffragan of Ohio, Retired 216-774-0457 View Bio

William A. Powel III Canon to the Ordinary Email 216-774-0449 View Bio

Eva Cole Administrative Assistant Email 216-774-0457

The Rev. Dr. Brian Wilbert Archivist Email 216-774-0465

Susan M. Leishman Chief Financial Officer Email 216-774-0450

Janine Johnson Accountant Email 216-774-0451

Brenda L. Koenig Accountant Email 216-774-0461

P. Thomas Austin Treasurer Email 216-774-0447

The Rev. Percy Grant Canon for Ministry Email 216-774-0455 View Bio

Betty Kondrich Administrative Assistant Email 216-774-0466

The Rev. Brad Purdom Canon for Congregations Email 216-774-0452 View Bio

The Rev. Vincent Black Canon for Christian Formation Email 216-774-0453

Mary Ann Semple Director, Resource Center Email 216-774-0442

Antoinette Taylor Administrative Assistant Email 216-774-0476

Rita Rozell Administrative Assistant Email 216-774-0460

Katie Ong-Landini Project Director Email 216-774-0454 View Bio

Claudia Wilson Development and Project Management Specialist Email 216-774-0483 ext. 483

The Rev. Margaret D'Anieri Canon for Mission Email 216-774-0456 View Bio

Laura R. Hnat Chief Development Officer Email 216-774-0463 View Bio

Jessica Rocha Director of Communications Email 216.774.0459

Darcel Arrington Secretary of Convention