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Bishop Encourages Parishioners to Attend Convocation

A Message from the Bishop

Dear Friends,
As we prepare to gather for our annual Winter Convocation, I want to remind you of how important this event is to the life of our congregations and diocese. I am particularly excited this year as we use this opportunity to engage with Becoming Beloved Community - the Episcopal Church's renewed commitment to help God bring reconciliation to the divided culture and world in which we live.
As you know, I am always hopeful that each of our congregations will send a delegation of people to the Convocation for fellowship, learning, and worship. This year, that hope is particularly motivated by a desire that we will enthusiastically take on this important work to which we are called as the body of Christ.
I look forward to seeing you February 2 and 3 in Sandusky.
The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr.
Bishop of Ohio
For more information or to register click here.