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Acolyte helps to preserve the traditions of St. Thomas Episcopal
[From The Fremont News Messenger]

PORT CLINTON - Each Sunday when the Rev. Dr. Beverly Collinsworth begins the service at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, the sanctuary has already been prepared. Behind her and before her, candles flicker, lit by the church’s acolyte, 14-year-old Tyler Rodrigue-Hejhal.

Historically, duties of the acolytes — who assist priests during services — were performed by men preparing for the priesthood. According to information from the Episcopal Church, there are written records mentioning acolytes as early as 252 B.C. Eventually, some of their duties were assumed by lay people, and by the late 19th century, acolyte duties were primarily performed by lay people. In today’s Episcopal church, children can serve as acolytes.

Tyler was just 8 when he first became an acolyte at his church in Arizona, before his family moved to Port Clinton.

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