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Cleveland Heights church celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy in city
[From News5 Cleveland]

During a time when local churches weren't allowing civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. inside, one Cleveland suburb church was opening their doors. 

“Dr. King was invited to speak here in May 1963,” said current Rev. Jeanne Leinbach, the current Rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland Heights. 

“And at that time, it was somewhat unusual for a black preacher to be invited into a predominately white, mainline protestant church.”

During the 1960s, King made several trips to the Cleveland area. He was in the city to speak and to support candidates like former Mayor Carl Stokes. 

While King was in the city, he often spoke to crowds in parks or on church steps. 

“Other, similar, churches may have invited him to speak but he would have to speak outside,” Leinbach said.

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