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Requests for Prayers for Diocese of Ohio Deputation at General Convention
Good evening,

As many of you know, members of the Diocese of Ohio, deputies, bishops, ECW members, volunteers, and others are on the way (or soon will be) to Austin, TX for General Convention. Although the official dates are July 5 to 13, some of us are going early for legislative sessions, caucus meetings, and other events that begin prior to the official gavel. There are a number of issues which we will address over the long days. There'll be lots of excitement, probably some anguish, but most importantly, we are all committed to our church, this process, and God's people.
There is one thing that we would ask of you: your prayers. Prayers for decisions to be made. Prayers that we pace ourselves. Prayers that we remember that we are all God's people, no matter what our feelings are on various resolutions. Pray that those of us who will participate in a prayer service at the ICE Detention Center next Sunday will be heard around the world and that our action of social justice will have an impact. Pray that we travel safely to Austin. While we may (very likely) return home tired, pray that we may return invigorated and even more committed to doing God's work in the Episcopal Church.  
Thank you in advance for all your prayers.
Dianne Audrick Smith
Deputation Chair
Episcopal Diocese of Ohio
St. Andrew's Cleveland