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Spiritual and Pastoral Home and Family Resources 
There are dangers and difficulties for everyone in our current situation. Two possible blessings are: 
  1. that we grow closer to each other - families and friends - by having meaningful conversations about what we are going through; and 
  2. that we take this opportunity to deepen some of our personal and family spiritual practices. 
Please take part in the spiritual and pastoral opportunities our parishes will continue to offer, each in their own way. These links will take you to resources that offer further suggestions:

Emotional Care For Each Other:
C or onavirus Anxiety and Children
Coronavirus Anxiety and Teenagers
Coronavirus Pastoral Care Article for Church Leaders but Applicable to Everyone

Spiritual Resources for Individuals and Families:
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Keeping Lent In Your Household
Lenten Books and Devotions for Children and Families
Creating a Lenten Prayer Space at Home
Lent at Home

The Rev. Brad Purdom
Canon for Congregations