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A Message from the Bishop
Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
Last week, thanks to the designated gifts of a group of generous donors, the Diocese was able to purchase a 90-acre property across State Route 60 from Bellwether Farm. Some of you will remember that this tract of land includes six high-tech barns in which currently are housed close to 80,000 chickens. This purchase allows us to repurpose the barns for educational and resource conserving food production, as well as other uses, relieving Bellwether, our neighbors, and the village of Wakeman of the environmental impact of the current poultry operation.
Over the last few months, in anticipation of this opportunity, we have been working with potential partners who have expressed interest in using the buildings for a variety of purposes. It will take nine months for the chickens to complete their laying cycle and be removed. This will give us ample time to continue developing these collaborative partnerships for the conversion and self-sustainable repurposing of the buildings, as well as to determine the agricultural strategy for the majority of the land. We look forward to keeping you informed as this project progresses.
The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr.
Bishop of Ohio