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Search Committee Nominations
September 22, 2021 

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Standing Committee is excited about the next fourteen months and beyond as we begin the serious work of selecting our next Bishop. Our process began in February of 2020 when Bishop Hollingsworth asked us to begin reviewing the traditional procedures in place for nominating a new Bishop Diocesan. During this time, we have worked closely with Bishop Todd Ousley, from the Episcopal Church’s Office of Pastoral Development, and have recently hired a national-level search consultant to help shepherd the process. 

The Standing Committee has completed the task of drafting the diocesan profile. This will soon be shared with the diocese for feedback.

Our expectations for the coming months: 
  • Finalize Search Committee selection by November 1, 2021
  • Publish the diocesan profile early January 2022
  • Receive Bishop candidate names and applications through February 2022
  • Search Committee and Candidate discernment period, March through August 2022
  • Slate of nominees announced September 2022
  • Election of Bishop Coadjutor at Diocesan Convention November 2022
Our next step in the process is the formation of the Bishop Search Committee of 8-10 members, both clergy and lay, who are prayerful team players, well organized and able to make a significant time commitment. Particular skills that are essential to the committee include:
  • Leadership
  • Oral and written communication abilities
  • Recruiting, screening, and interviewing capabilities
  • Use of technology 
The Standing Committee invites your nominations for the Bishop Search Committee. Below, please find two links to application forms, both of which must be completed for consideration to serve on the committee. To nominate someone, please complete the Nominator/Reference Form and your nominee must complete the Nominee Form. To self-nominate, please complete the Nominee Form and have a reference fill out the Nominator/Reference FormCompleted nomination forms must be received no later than October 13, 2021.

Please pray for our Diocese as we move forward together as one in Christ.

Richard Preston
Standing Committee, President