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Bishop's Bike Ride
Bishop's Bike Ride
The Bishop's Bike Ride is back!  This year, the ride will be a one-day event which will start and finish at Bellwether Farm on Saturday, August 31. The event will feature three different ride lengths to accommodate riders of all ages and abilities: a novice/family fun ride (22 mi), an intermediate ride (40 mi), and a longer ride for experienced riders (70 mi). Each route will lead to a parish where volunteers will provide lunch. The riders will return to Bellwether Farm the same day for dinner, fellowship, and fun. 
To register for the Bishop's Bike Ride, contact Betty Kondrich.
Overnight accommodations will be available on Friday and Saturday evenings. All Bishop's Bike Ride participants are invited back to Bellwether Farm for Saturday evening meal.
There is no charge for registration for the bike ride.
The Bishop's Bike Ride has a legacy of building community within our diocese and raising funds to support youth programs. Since the first ride in 2006, participants raised nearly $80,000 to support youth activities such as mission trips, leadership development, and faith formation activities. Although there is no registration fee for the bike ride, participants are invited to find sponsors to support their rides. Participation in the fundraising portion of the event is voluntary, but greatly benefits our youth and provides an opportunity to further engage parishes, friends, and family. A reasonable target might be $100 per adult rider and $25 per child in funds raised. More information and a simple to use toolkit will be sent to you upon registration.
People of all ages are invited to participate. Riders under the age of 18 must have approval from a parent or guardian. Helmets are required. There will be limited support along the novice trail ride, so please ensure that participants can ride a minimum of half way (11 mi).
  • Novice/Family Fun Ride- Bellwether Farm to Christ Church, Oberlin (22 miles roundtrip): Ride begins at 10:30 a.m. 
Predominantly a trail ride along the paved Northcoast Inland Trail, this route should be accessible for families with children or casual riders. There will be a comfort stop along the way. A shuttle van will be available to drive riders and their bikes back to Bellwether who choose to only ride one way. Based on experience of the riders, approximate time to complete this route is 1 ½ to two hours each way. Lunch, games, and family activities will be held at Christ Church, Oberlin. 
  • Intermediate- Bellwether Farm to St. Andrew's, Elyria (40 miles roundtrip): Ride begins at 9:30 a.m.
This trail and street ride follows along the Northcoast Inland Trail to Lorain County and then continues on to Elyria. Riders will be on country roads and city streets. The ride will follow routes with minimal traffic and will be comfortable for riders of intermediate abilities. There will be a comfort stop along the route. SAG vehicles will be available with snacks and support.  A light lunch will be served at St. Andrew's, Elyria. Based on experience of the riders, approximate time to complete this route is 1 ½ to 2 hours each way.
  • Experienced- Bellwether Farm to Christ Church, Huron (70 miles roundtrip): Ride begins at 8:30 a.m.
This ride is for experienced riders only. This scenic route will travel through Elyria and then turn North to Huron. Riders will be on country roads as well as city streets. Riders will have a comfort stop at St. Andrew's, Elyria and will have the support of SAG vehicles. A light lunch with beautiful lake views will be served at Christ Church, Huron. Based on experience of the riders, approximate time to complete this route is 2 hours to 2 ½ hours each way. 

Lodging Options:

15 cabins are available and can sleep up to 10 people. Sleeping is in bunks and guests must provide their own linens and towels. Showers and bathroom facilities are shared. If more than one family is sharing a cabin, they must register together. Cabins are seasonal and do not include air conditioning. 

Adults: $130 per person including meals
Child (16 and under): $50 per person including meals
All meals are included in the package from Friday evening dinner through Sunday morning breakfast.

Retreat Center:
40 retreat rooms are available. Linens, towels, and private baths are provided. If two people are sharing a room, please register together. Rooms are for adults only. Exceptions may be made if you have a child 5 years of age or under. Please contact Claudia Wilson for more information.

Two night package including all meals: $160 per person 
Friday Night package including meals: $100 per person (Meals: Friday Dinner, Saturday, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
Saturday Night Package including all meals:$100 per person (Meals: Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Sunday Breakfast)