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Health and Christianity

God wants wholeness and salvation for each individual. As Christians, our task is to use whatever means possible to bring wholeness and health. Christians are called to understand health, healing and wholeness as a portion of their faith responsibility. Individually and corporately, we are to celebrate and give thanks for God's love for us and for all people. As we respond to this love we unite together as a justice seeking, compassionate and healing community. Justice is fair distribution of benefits and burdens of health care as Ezekiel 18:16 states "...as not to oppress anyone, give bread to the hungry and cover the naked with a garment".

We are mandated as Christians to seek compassionate ways to meet the health care needs of others. We are to responsively and responsibly care for others as well as our selves, meeting others at the point of their need. This is especially so in a social and economic context where this is a great disparity. We as Christians are called to be active participants in fashioning a just and effect health care system.