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Possible Healthcare Activities

In Titus 3:14 it is stated "And let people learn to devote themselves to good works in order to meet urgent needs...". There are many kinds and types of activities that can be done individually, as a congregation or at a diocesan level. Here are a few of them:

  • Collect and develop resources and teaching materials related to access to health care within the diocese, congregation as well as individually.
  • Assist people in evaluating avenues of care and treatments in various complementary systems.
  • Seek ways to collaborate with and support the church's social ministry organizations such as meal programs and various wellness clinics.
  • Make arrangements for various types of transportation that will help people gain physical access to health care.
  • Advocate health ministry in and through our local parishes
  • To become involve with other organizations within the diocese and or nation that are concerned about accessing quality health care for all people
  • Provide and/ or teach health care and health care policy to continue to develop a Christian approach to pressing issues that affect the health care of the nation.
  • Provide prevention information and/ or teach methods to prevent spread HIV in sschools, churches and other educational settings.
  • Provide updated educational materials and/or classes to Medicare, prescription cards and Medicaid to the diocese, parishes and individually.
  • To educated our youth as well as adults about various drugs and alcohol and to say"NO".
  • Within the diocese, deaneries, and parishes develop a policy to assist those that do not have dental, hearing aid and vision insurance.
  • Promote education program to increase public awareness of elder abuse and to work with agencies on prevention program to inform elders of  the availability or help from Elder Hotline or their county Adult Protection Services
  • To work with the public and private sector to ensure that all citizens have access to quality institution and community based long term care services which would include such services as home, medical and nursing care, home health care homemaker services, assisted living facility and adult day care services. (In most cases comprehensive major medical insurance policies or federal government through Medicare does not cover long-term care)