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Election Results from the 200th Annual Convention

Diocesan Trustee - one lay or clergy (5-yr. term)

  • The Rev. Jan Smith Wood

Standing Committee - one lay and one clergy (4-yr. term)

  • Mr. Greg Daniels
  • The Rev. Christopher McCann

Diocesan Council - two lay and two clergy (3-yr. term)

  • Mr. Raymond Cox
  • Ms. Anna Risch
  • The Rev. Shawn Dickerson
  • The Rev. Rose Ann Lonsway

ECS Development Council - three lay and one clergy (3-yr. term) and one lay (2-yr. unexpired term)

  • Mr. Stephen Ashby
  • Ms. Chari Hettinger
  • Ms. Mary Shepherd
  • Mr. Drew Gittins (2-yr. term)
  • The Rev. Daniel Orr

Diocesan Disciplinary Board - one lay and three clergy (3-yr. term, clergy ordained at least 5 yrs.) and one-clergy (2-yr unexpired term)

  • Mr. Brent Howard
  • The Rev. Debra Q. Bennett
  • The Rev. Albert Jennings
  • The Rev. David Kendall-Sperry
  • The Rev. Dr. Paul Board (2-yr. term)

General Convention Deputy - four lay and four clergy (3-yr. term)

  • Ms. Diane Audrick Smith
  • Ms. Jane Freeman
  • Mr. William Powel
  • Mr. James Simon
  • The Rev. Debra Q. Bennett
  • The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings
  • The Rev. Evan Fischer
  • The Rev. Percy Grant

Cathedral Chapter - one lay and one clergy (2-year term)

  • Ms. Jacqueline Acho
  • The Rev. Daniel Schoonmaker