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Election Results from the 202nd Annual Convention


The following were elected at the 202nd Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio:

Diocesan Trustee:

  • Ms. Sharon Watts (Five-Year Term)

Standing Committee:

  • The Rev. Charlotte Reed (Four-Year Term)
  • Ms. Jenna Bing (Four-Year Term)

Diocesan Council:

  • The Rev. Sharon Williams (3-Year Term)
  • The Rev. Kelly Aughenbaugh (3-Year Term)
  • The Rev. Alex Barton (1-Year Term)
  • Ms. Dianne Audrick Smith (3-Year Term)
  • Mr. Hugh Grefe (3-Year Term)

ECS Development Council:

  • The Rev. Bryan Gilooly (3-Year Term)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Fowler (3-Year Term)
  • Mr. Tucker Handley (3-Year Term)
  • Ms. Lindsay Graves (3-Year Term)

Diocesan Disciplinary Board:

  • The Rev. George Baum (1-Year Term)
  • The Rev. Kay Ashby (3-Year Term)
  • Ms. Diane Hexter (3-Year Term)
  • Mr. Paul Klug (3-Year Term)