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Please note that in compliance with Resolution R-2, approved by the 201st Convention in 2017, all diocesan elected office holders are required to receive anti-racism training within one year of their assuming office.

Nominations were due by Friday, September 13 for inclusion in the Convention Handbook and to be nominated by the Committee on Nominations. However, nominations will be accepted as independent nominations until November 9. To nominate yourself as an independent nominee, please fill out this form.


Positions to be Elected Nov. 9, 2019

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Diocesan Trustees Nominees – one lay or clergy (5-yr term)

Standing Committee Nominees – one lay and one clergy (4-yr term)

Diocesan Council Nominees – two lay and two clergy (3-yr term)

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) Development Council Nominees – two lay and one clergy (3-yr term)

Diocesan Disciplinary Board Nominees – three clergy (3-yr term, clergy ordained at least 5 years)

General Convention Deputy Nominees Clergy – four clergy (3-yr term)

General Convention Deputy Nominees Lay - four lay (3-yr term)