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Diocesan Disciplinary Board

If there is a case involving potential Clergy misconduct, the Diocesan Disciplinary Board is the pool of individuals from which people are selected to serve as members of a Conference or Hearing Panel. The current Title IV canons seek to provide for appropriate and transparent accountability when clergy have committed some sort of infraction or misconduct.  It also seeks to be built upon a model of reconciliation and healing, as opposed to confrontation.  The Panel is comprised of five clergy and four lay members, each serving a 3-year term.

Members of the Diocesan Disciplinary Board


Ms. Denise Caywood, St. Philip's, Akron (204th)
Dr. Don Reed, Christ Church, Hudson (204th)
Ms. Diane Hexter, Trinity Cathedral (205th)
Mr. Paul Klug, St. Paul's, Cleveland Heights (205th)


The Rev. Kay Ashby, St. Matthew's, Ashland (205th)
The Rev. Gayle Catinella, St. John's, Youngstown (206th)
The Rev. Evan Fischer, St. James, Wooster (206th)
The Rev. Julie B. Fisher, Christ Church, Kent (204th)
The Rev. Lisa Tucker-Gray, Trinity, Toledo (206th)