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Diocesan Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for the investment management of endowment funds of the Diocese and funds derived from parishes receiving aid or extinct parishes. The Trustees may, on request, assume investment management of other funds, including other Diocesan funds, and funds of parishes, parish organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations affiliated with the Episcopal Church, through the Joint Investment Fund, now valued at over $32 million. They may hold title to the property of an imperiled parish as well as other diocesan property. The trustees also maintain custody of the funds for the endowment of the episcopate. There are 5 diocesan trustees. They meet quarterly and are available at other times as necessary.

Diocesan Trustees

Term Expires 204th Convention (2020)

  • Mr. Robert C. Brown

Term Expires 205th Convention (2021)

  • The Rev. Jan Smith Wood

Term Expires 206th Convention (2022)

  • The Rev. Elizabeth Frank

Term Expires 207th Convention (2023)

  • Ms. Sharon Watts

Term Expires 208th Convention (2024)

  • Mr. Thomas Hill


  • The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr., Bishop of Ohio
  • Mr. P. Thomas Austin, Treasurer


  • Ms. Sue Leishman, CFO