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Diocesan Resource Center
The Diocesan Resource Center is here to help you find resources for Christian Formation, VBS, Confirmation, Stewardship, Small Group Studies, Seasonal Materials and more.

The Resource Center is located in the Diocesan Office at Trinity Commons and is staffed on Wednesdays from 10: a.m. to 4:30 p.m. but is accessible during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Contact Mary Ann Semple, Resource Center Director.

Resource Center Procedures going forward due to COVID-19

Visitation:  Visitation to the Resource Center will be by appointment only. Both staff and visitors must wear facemasks. Hand sanitizer will be available.
Handling of CDs and DVDs:  All CD/DVD plastic cases will be wiped down at opening of the Resource Center, with alcohol.  The same will be done before lending and upon return after quarantine.
CD/DVD quarantine will be 72 hours upon return.  Materials will be wiped down prior to re-shelving.
Handling of Books:  When a book is requested it will be handled with gloves, quarantined for 24 - 72 hours and then sent to the requester.  Upon return, books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being returned to the shelves.
All materials will be handled with gloves at the Resource Center. Separate quarantine locations will be available for plastics and paper resources.
These procedures are in place as a result of recommendations for libraries from the Ohio Library Council, Northeast Document Conservation Center, and the CDC.



NEW Episcopal Curriculum, Living Discipleship from Forward Movement is available and many parts of it are FREE. Explore the story of God’s great love from Genesis to Revelation to present time. Celebrate the Saints and challenge yourselves to live out your discipleship and learn your faith; its beliefs and practices, through focus on the Book of Common Prayer.

Living Discipleship is an all-ages, 3 - year curriculum for the Episcopal Church. The three years concentrate on:
• Exploring the Bible
• Celebrating the Saints
• Practicing our Faith

Parts of the curriculum are available for free from Forward Movement through a grant and more will be made available soon. You must first register at Forward Movement (www.forwardmovement.org), then click on the Resources tab and from the drop down menu click on FREE. There is a video introduction to the curriculum on YouTube.