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Organist/Pianist - New Life, Uniontown
The Organist/Keyboardist is to provide musical accompaniment for all regularly scheduled church worship services, choirs, special events and groups in liturgical format (order of worship). Coordinates choir/special music for worship services of the congregation with the Rector. Consults with the Rector in carrying out these duties for the smooth functioning of the relevant activities.

Specific Duties:
  1. Plans and implements choir/special music for worship services and other parish activities where vocal music and/or keyboard/organ music is needed and appropriate.
  2. Selects prelude, interludes and postlude music appropriate to the season, then communicates that information to the secretary by the last week of the previous month, if these selections are to appear in the weekly service bulletin, or by the Tuesday before the weekly service.
  3. Informs the Junior Warden of all needed repairs and maintenance for the organ and piano/keyboard.
  4. Regularly meets with the Rector or Senior Warden to review the music ministry and discuss appropriate music.
  5. Coordinates and plans music for Sunday worship, special services and other functions where music is needed and appropriate.  Informs the Rector or Senior Warden of plans in a timely manner.  
  6. Procures sufficient music copies, with appropriate permissions and licenses if copyrighted, as needed for choir and congregations
  7. Coordinates the use of instrumentalists, liturgical dancers, special musical guests and joint musical programs.
  8. Works with the Rector or Senior Warden in planning details of liturgical celebrations and special occasions in the parish, assisting in the preparation and implementation of same.
  9. Helps develop the annual budget regarding parish music activities. Note: all printed music materials for the choir and any instrumentalists shall be purchased upon approval of the Rector and properly filed in the music library.
  10. Works cooperatively with the other choir directors, Organists/keyboardists of other parishes in planning participation in and/or implementing special conference music programs, presentations or functions as requested by the Bishop.
  11. Keeps current regarding trends and directions of church music and assures music used in services and special activities is appropriate and in accordance with church tradition, and current practices in the church, in ways that somewhat stretches the congregation musically as may be appropriate.
  12. Weddings and funerals are not included in the regular responsibilities of the Organist/Keyboardist however they will be given the first choice to be the Organist/Keyboardist. At weddings and funerals, receives compensation rate, established by the Rector or Senior Warden in exchange for consultation with parties involved, rehearsal and ceremony performances.
  13. Attends regularly scheduled worship committee and special meetings, if available and if applicable.
  14. Schedules an equally qualified Organist/keyboardist to take over when he/she cannot be present. In these cases, the Organist/keyboardist is responsible for compensation equal to what they would normally receive in such situations. 
  15. Works cooperatively the Rector or Senior Warden, and staff, maintaining a Christian attitude/behavior in dealing with all clergy, parish members and the community in general when acting as a representative of the parish.
  16. Organist/Keyboardist to practice regularly to be prepared for the service, which may include rehearsal time with the choir.
Qualifications Recommended:
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in music or related field, or equivalent experience
  2. Experience in Organist/keyboardist duties and the role of the choir in liturgical style services.
  3. Experience in coordinating, directing and conducting church related music.
  4. Ability to organize and plan.
  5. Well-developed verbal and communication skills
  6. Ability to inspire and encourage choir members who volunteer.
Compensation is $150 per week.     

Upon hiring, there will be a ninety (90) day probationary period and evaluation followed by a second review at six (6) months.  After the first year, the reviews will be held annually.
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