This office exists to help the Diocesan offices communicate with our parishes and the outside world and to help parishes communicate with their members and the communities around them.

To fulfill that responsibility, the Office of Communications and members of the Diocesan Communications Committee provide communication and advertising consultation for all diocesan events. The office will also help with the following activities:

  • Conduct a communications audit of parish or related group activities
  • Provide workshops on improving parish welcoming and hospitality skills
  • Assist parishes in advertising their services and activities in various media
  • Design a simple, easily maintainable website for parishes that need help
  • Develop and design advertising for parishes upon request and during Holy seasons of the year
  • Develop and design advertising for campus ministries
  • Consult on technological issues, including purchase of computers, webcams, projectors, software, etc.

In addition, the Office of Communications maintains this website; sends out a weekly bulletin; publishes ChurchLife!, a quarterly magazine; publishes a diocesan directory, the diocesan Journal, and oversees semi-monthly mailings to parishes.



Office Staff

Rita Rozell Administrative Assistant 216-774-0460

Jessica Rocha Director of Communications 216.774.0459